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CNC Service

Milling of carbon parts according to your specifications

You can order CNC milling work made of carbon from us. Both individual and series production is possible. Specialized in prototype production. Production of samples before the start of series production. The presence of a file in the formats *. dxf, *. dwg,*tcw, *tct, *. cdl, *. dgn, *. dgf, *. hpg, *. hpgl, *. prn or *. plt shortens the offer time and favours the price. Of course, production from dimensioned sketches and drawings is also possible. It is also possible to produce the component from other materials. Simply send us an e-mail with the corresponding file, the number of pieces and the desired material and you will receive a corresponding offer as soon as possible. Of course, the milling data is also subject to our data protection and is only used for the production of your components. Therefore you will not find any pictures of customer orders on our website. If you still want to publish your component, please let us know. We would be pleased to carry out a corresponding order for you.

Important: In order to avoid unnecessary inquiries, we ask you to supply at least one dimension when delivering finished data. This eliminates dimensional errors due to the large number of cad programs.

In urgent cases, delivery within one day is also possible.