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We are currently working on the English website, it will translate all textsNews and product descriptions.


07.04.2019 06:52 | Comments 0
RACE-FACTOR Tuning: From now on we deliver new tuning chassis made of special brass (extra hard) for GL-Racing GLR. In cooperation with Jens König from Miniz Mittelhessen we have developed more ...
16.07.2018 07:34 | Comments 0
RACE-FACTOR RF28v4.1 Adaptation to Lexan touring car check with carbon front bumper and carbon checker rear. NUn it is possible to drive on the RF28v4.1 a Leaxan touring car body from more ...
05.07.2018 07:23 | Comments 0
Ready to race RF28v4.1 brass Here is a new version of the RF28v4.1 with brass chassis, which shifts the focus much further down. This version is not yet commercially available, after the more ...