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Quality for which we vouch!

RACE-FACTOR is characterized by highest quality and workmanship. Our quality promise begins with the selection of the material for our products, then goes on through the entire manufacturing process to sales and service.
We develop ourselves in Germany, have one of the leading suppliers of the German automotive industry manufacture and can achieve a production process with very good production quality through precise simulations, CAD, 3D processing.
This is how we reach our goal: a product that surprises, has a high quality and therefore meets the expectations of our customers. After all, we want to offer our customers a good original product at fair prices and not, like many imitators, cheap goods produced in Eastern European countries. We define strict requirements for the safety, functionality, material and processing of our products. We continuously monitor the items from production to sale to meet our stringent quality requirements.
However, our quality standards include not only the pure 'physical' product quality but also the conditions under which the articles were manufactured. For example, our standards contain binding standards in our contracts with our processing plants.

Our service standards: We are here for you

RACE-FACTOR quality does not end after you have purchased a product. Your wishes and above all your criticism are important to us. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our goal is to process your request as quickly and easily as possible.

Nobody is perfect - but we want to get better and better

Despite extensive quality checks, it can happen that an article has errors, because not every article in a series can be checked individually. Deficiencies can arise in our consumer goods, for example due to defects in the production machines, due to operating errors or transport damage. Therefore, we would like to remind you of your guarantee and claims.

Last but not least, something can go wrong in customer service, an e-mail can be processed too late, or a telephone call can be forwarded incorrectly.

Help us to constantly improve. We appreciate your suggestions and take your criticism seriously.